Thursday, August 11, 2005

please do not disturb Our Friends the Mycelium

hi folks,
here are a few links to some information on conservation tillage and no-till agriculture, a practice that is gaining acceptance in industrial agriculture for its ability to limit soil erosion, preserve water, and save time & energy. No-till farming also limits disturbance to the delicate but beneficial fungal mats (called Mycelium) that lie just beneath the surface of the soil.
No-till farming is not just for large-scale farmers. Home gardens can benefit a great deal from this practice, too. Mine did!

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Top ten benefits of conservation tillage
From the Core4 website

Conservation tillage: The end of the plough?
From the food & agriculture organization of the United Nations

On farms, a No-Till Tactic for Global Warming
from the Washington Post (2002)