Monday, August 08, 2005

angry mothers etc

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One of the top news items today is the story of Cindy Sheehan. Her son, Casey, was killed in the Iraq war, and Cindy is now on a vigil outside the President's ranch in Crawford, Texas. Cindy says that she is prepared to continue her protest until she is given an opportunity to speak with President Bush. Bush is at the ranch on a five week vacation.

A Newsweek poll on Sunday stated that 64 percent of Americans do not feel that the war has made them safer.

Also in the "angry mothers" file is a letter from coalfield resident Maria Gunnoe. Her family farm sits next to an 1183 acre mountaintop removal coal mining operation. Floods, blasting, toxic well water and rampant erosion have made life miserable for Maria and her two kids.

"My children sit up at night when it's raining," says Maria. "When they do sleep, they sleep fully clothed, in case they have to escape in a hurry. No child (or adult, for that matter) should have to endure this constant hell."

More information on mountaintop removal coal mining can be found on the Appalachian Voices website.

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