Friday, August 05, 2005

Good morning August 5

Hi folks,

I spent way too much time on the Internet yesterday, but there was some very interesting news on it so I couldn't really help myself. I was reading the slashdot discussion board and following a story on "honeypots" that google is setting up to trap those who use the mammoth search utility for malicious purposes. Good. Glad to hear that someone is doing something about this.

my personal opinion is the web is too wild for the kind of decent, honest folks who are not technically savvy enough to know about its Dark Parts, snakeholes, quicksand puddles, bear traps etc. set up there by unscrupulous humans. glad to see some robot watchdogs on the job to clean up the web. let's just hope they actually do some useful watchdogging, instead of just unceremoniously sniffing you-know-whats and acting like they own the world. Bot no follow!

speaking of bots up the A in this morning's slashdot I found an article of interest to ANYONE who uses google: Google Balances Privacy, Reach.

hm. what else. found the bitter greens journal and some interesting links in it, including a highly spirited essay on soil that I enjoyed very much. a scientist friend was also appreciative about the spirit of the article, but noted some inaccuracies so I must share this caveat with you.

the jacksonville center will be having a neat event this weekend, a reception for the floyd artists new work exhibit. I believe this will be happening on Saturday evening but be sure to check their newsletter if you want to know for certain. a big list of participating artists.

I will have the chance to start painting in oils soon and am v. excited about this

the Dogs on Trucks forward chomping browser is still under development but a beta version should be available soon. Why are you developing this? some people are asking. what is the point of it? I don't understand. does it have to do with hyperspeed web browsing? how will you make money?

to which my reply is please do not call it the web. please do not use words like hyperspeed. or money. words like this will mislead people. the dogs on trucks forward chomping browser is much more of a playground trick, like putting rocks in the tires of your big wheel so you can be the loudest one when you go flying down a hill with a bunch of your friends. anyway enough about that.

intelligent design is still the top search term in technorati. has been for at least 36 hours it seems. Good search mates for this term include "anticipatory design science", "pattern recognition", and "divine order". if you are here for one of these tags perhaps you are interested in my science files, where you can find some articles on talking bacteria etc. look on the loop for those. I still need to fully read the story in Live Science about bacteria that can be trained to eat pollution and cr*p electricity. pardon my french.

oh and speaking of this I have been learning more and more about our friends the mycelium. did you know that they knit a sort of cozy protective hat for the earth? its true. they make mats that keep soil from washing or blowing away. amazing.

I am still in a grammatical quandry as to the correctness of this phrase. should it be "our friend the mycelium" or "our friends the mycelium"?

hope you all are well and having a wonderful day. with best wishes,