Saturday, August 13, 2005

more cowbell! art & culture news for August 13

hi folks,

well I thought I had a big news flash this morning when I found out that chanterelles were for sale at the farmers market in Blacksburg. how could you top that I wondered. ha! little did I know what a big scoop I was going to find on Technorati: Christopher Walken is running for president in 2008. Yep. apparently it is true (wink wink!). Will his supporters greet him with cowbells I wonder?

I don't know but I am going to run out and buy a cowbell as soon as I am done posting this.

let me see. what else. "Cindy Sheehan" is still parked in the #1 spot in Technorati, and news of her vigil is slowly making its way into the mainstream media. Good job, "mainstream media"! You can do it! Although I must say you do need to try harder in the future if you want to keep running with the fast dogs, because being the big dog isn't enough these days.

hm. what else. oh yes the "stick to your guns" art reception in Roanoke last night was WAY COOL. this exhibit is in an old warehouse near the transportation museum, and features work by Joe Kelley, Beth Deel, and Genesis Chapman, just to name a few. I will post some pictures later today. The Scratch House News blog has info on this exhibit, which will be up until September 9.

On Sunday, August 7 the Winston-Salem Journal published a powerful piece on mountaintop removal...when I get a chance I will try to link to it. the folks at Appalachian Voices sent me the info.

bye I have to go do chores now, have a great day! --Suzy

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