Saturday, June 04, 2005

open letters

Dear Nantoka,
Why is madness, and the idea of objectivity, so superficially addressed in science textbooks? I am trying to prepare to be a Real Scientist and I am really concerned with the possibility that I might become an Evil Scientist.
Sincerely, Effing Confused

Dear Effing,
What, you think those textbooks are going to sell themselves?

Dear Nantoka,
I am terribly upset because I am rapidly approaching my thirty-sixth estrus. I have read a great many scientific textbooks that suggest that by the fifty-eighth estrus, the females ovaries in my species are essentially useless. How will I procreate?
Sincerely, Elka in Wisconsin

Dear Elka,
I have wonderful news for you. Your problem is the size of an atom.

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Dear Wired magazine,

Thanks for the great picture of the Tooth in a wad of meat and fat. I almost barfed. That article completely gave me the creeps. A Modest Proposal came immediately to mind. Please fax me immediately if you ever get word that a machine has been invented which will allow me to never have seen this picture.

Sincerely, Nantoka


Dear Wired magazine.
Will you please tell me how I can arrange to adopt the Tooth in a wad of meat and fat pictured in your current issue? I have started to feel very sorry for him.

--a someone in Albuquerque


hi readers,

If you are not sure how you feel about stem cell research, pick up the current issue of Wired magazine and read it from cover to cover. When you get to the picture of the fully formed tooth in a wad of meat and fat, make sure you are not eating.

Even if you are not really interested in all the new hand held information devices and robotic vacuum cleaners and gizmos in the first part of the magazine, try to get an overall feel for the shape of our world according to this magazine before you get to the Tooth part. Even if technology is not your cup of tea, you need to know about the new robots and things that geeks are inventing these days. Trust me.