Friday, May 06, 2005

good morning. may 6 2005.

hello folks,

I have started printing more cards. there will be some new ones circulating soon.
also there will be some postcard invites around town soon for the reception on June 11.

Is everyone well? I hope so.

if you are having a fidgety Friday today, check out the Hunger Site. It allows you to donate cups of rice to hungry children (and puppy chow to animal shelters, and rainforest protection etc.) just by clicking your mouse. One warning, though: it spawns giant pop-up ads, but they are all squeaky clean stuff like "bouquets for mom". so far so good, anyway.

also for around $60 on this site you can buy goats for a Rwandan family.

here is a story about a big museum in a little town. I only read a little bit of this article so far.

Also I have been reading more about the carbon sequestration thing in the "Catalyst", magazine of the Union of concerned scientists.

Oh! Something just made me really happy. I just remembered that school is almost finished.

God bless

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