Monday, May 23, 2005

happy monday

happy monday everyone.

here is the first clip that caught my eye this morning
Israel, Arabs agree to save Dead Sea

I learned some new things about mycoremediation this weekend and will be researching this some because I am very curious about it. In brief: Oyster mushrooms (a species which does well in this area) have been shown to be a pretty vigorous toxic sludge sucker-upper. A Mr. Stamets has done some compelling research on this, or so I hear.

if you have not gotten a postcard invitation to the reception in Floyd on June 11, it's because I have pretty much run out of them. but I hope you all will feel welcome, especially those of you who might like to join in some music on the porch of the creamery.

I think there are no more postcards at Bollos but I am not sure. There should be some at Mish Mish or Easy chair bookstore and also at Homebody. Anyway I am hoping that this will be a nice social event, and a good relaxing time.