Friday, September 02, 2005

1000 people trapped at University Hospital

Name: victoria gouletas

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Subject: My Hurricane Story -- University Hospital

Story: My best friend, Dr. Holly Loesch, is at University Hospital in New Orleans (Perido & Gravier) with about 1,000 other people (about 300 patients included). At 8am this morning, they were almost out of food and water and they are out of supplies. No one seems to know they are there. There has been no evacuation or even contact with authoritie
s. They have 1 generator which is by now (7pm) out of gas. People are dying in the hospital due to lack of supplies, etc. There is no helipad on the building and the surrounding streets are flooded, so they must be rescued by boat. The doctors and nurses were required to stay, but they have had NO support from any type of governmental agency. These people are desperate!!! Please help me to help them get rescued or to get them supplies!!!!

-Victoria Gouletas

tags: search and rescue, katrina, survivors