Thursday, September 01, 2005

four layers of hell in the Superdome

Below is a post from Joe's Razor. It is a summary of a Washington Post article on conditions at the Superdome.

Please help pray for all the victims of this terrible calamity.


The Washington Post describes the 'culture' that has arisen inside the Superdome the last few days, in four layers of hell:

--Level one is the playing field and low lying seats. A kind of civilization has developed here, with families using belongings to segregate their own space and keeping their space fairly orderly.

--Level two is the walkway ringing the lower level and which holds the bathrooms. The toilets have long overflowed, people have taken simply to doing their business in corners, stepping on human excrement the entire time. Dysentery will arrive very very soon.

--Level three is the area of the skyboxes, which are always dark. This has been designated the sex area, a "place for abandonment and coupling." Also in this area is a hidden source of beer that a few people have found.

--Level four is at the top of the Superdome--it is reserved for gangsters and druggies. Rumors abound about what goes on here but nobody knows for sure.

The entire article can be found here.

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