Thursday, September 01, 2005

Quick! We need that big can of Zero Tolerance.

I am almost too effing angry to think straight today.

Does anyone even know how many people are still trapped in New Orleans by violence and toxic floodwaters? Tens of thousands? Hundreds of thousands?

Every minute there is a new post on nola's weblog about people who have desperately phoned friends or loved ones to find a way out of the spiraling violence that has left countless people trapped in New Orleans.

And all I can hear is the sound of fiddling. Slashdot, for example, has the power to instantly mobilize scores of IT professionals to do something about routing this information to someone who might be able to use it to save some lives. Instead, they are swapping stories about the video game industry. White man's world, white man's Internet.

As for our brave leaders...The Huffington Post says that Condelezza Rice is enjoying a broadway show. Let them eat MRE cake...

Bush vows "zero tolerance" against looters, but his Lip Service Cavalry isn't doing much good.

Help! seven people, only lightly armed, are under attack by well-organized and heavily armed looters. Please send help ASAP! Here is their exact location!


Oops! I guess you must have misplaced your big can of Zero Tolerance.

How the hell did this even happen? How were tens or hundreds of thousands of people even ALLOWED to stay in the death trap that is New Orleans in a monster hurricane?

wow! I am just drawing a COMPLETE BLANK here.

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