Thursday, September 01, 2005

Urgent call for assistance to Katrina survivors in NO

11:41 am September 1
7 people trapped in Gallery Row Apartments 448 Julia Street

Name: Dave Gibbs

Home: 713 822-0141


Subject: My Hurricane Story -- Trapped Persons

Story: There are 7 people trapped in the Gallary Row apartments at 448 Julia Street (corner of Julia and Magazine). They were attacked by armed gang who hijacked their truck and drove it through a locked gate in the parking garage. They are unable to leave the building due to the heavy presence of large, well-organized armed looters. They expect the building to be attacked at any moment.

The trapped people are lightly armed (one shotgun and one pistol) but there are numerous entry points into the apartments. Currently the trapped people are holed up on the roof. Please send help ASAP.

tags: rescue, relief, hurricane Katrina, search and rescue, National Guard, looting, New Orleans, looters, violence, anarchy, humanitarian crisis