Thursday, September 01, 2005

Anarchy traps Katrina survivors--please help!

below are just a few of the pleas for help posted on the Nola weblog. Anarchy has gripped the city and it has trapped many people who would otherwise have a safe route out of New Orleans. This list is growing very quickly. Please help in any way you can!

These posts are heartbreaking to read but if you have any way of routing any of this information to someone who might be able to help these terrified people, please do so!

tags: rescue operations, Hurricane Katrina, relief, humanitarian crisis


Thursday, September 01, 2005

Students Trapped at Xavier University

10:41 am

Name: Anita Ford

Home: (205)835-4588


Subject: My Hurricane Story -- Students Trapped at Xavier University

Story: Through out the days of listing to news stories reading articles on the web I have yet to here anyone mention anything about the students at Xavier University. There are at least 400 students trapped in the dormitory with no food or water. From my understanding the police officials did not check to see if there were people still on campus. This article is to inform anyone reading this that these people need help urgently. The girls are on the 5th floor and the boys on the 6th. There pliot is dire and should be attended to as soon as possible. Since you cant evacuate the Superdome then why not turn your efforts toward evacuating students at Xavier University. There needs to be some communication with the personal and students at Xavier also they need to inform the families of all the (missing) students on their wellbeing and what plans they have to get these people out of New Orleans and were they can be picked up, bused, flowen out from.


Trapped in hotel on Tulane Ave.

10:24 am

Name: rachelle harris

Phone: 770-439-0639


I am trying to get a message out to someone that there are people still strained in a hotel building at 3900 Tulane Ave. in New Orleans, LA. They are on the 39th floor trapped and can't get out because of the water!