Friday, August 26, 2005

Gender bias in IQ testing

A controversial new scientific finding claims that men are, on average, more intelligent than women. The study was based on standardized IQ tests.

I would like to formally challenge this assertion, and offer the following to the community at large:
  • An invitation to persons from all walks of life to share what they know about the fallibility of standardized IQ tests.
  • An invitation to researchers to publish information on gender bias in standardized tests, and to quantify the male-to-female ratio among standardized IQ testing authors and administrators.
  • An invitation to scientists to submit the scientific finding in question to a rigorous application of the scientific method.
  • An invitation to women from all walks of life to come up with standardized IQ tests of their own, whether in jest, or in earnest.
  • An invitation to artists, writers, cartoonists and photographers to publish work related to this issue.
If you would like to participate, simply publish your materials to the Internet and include the following tag (keyphrase): IQ gender bias

I will be searching Google and Technorati for material published with this tag in the coming months and collecting links for publication in the Traces Library for Creative Literacy and

--Suzy Nees, Editor
The Traces Library for Creative Literacy