Wednesday, August 24, 2005

what is intelligent design, anyway?

here is another interesting blog post on intelligent design I just found on Technorati.
"What isn't intelligent about nature?" asks the author.

this is a refreshing post to me in that it does not automatically jump to the conclusion that folks who question the theory of evolution are therefore proponents of literal interpretations of the Bible.

In fact, the author assures us, there are "atheists who support intelligent design."

Here is what I think: No scientific theory should be such a sacred cow that you can't challenge it without being accused of being a moron. That is the wrong kind of atmosphere for good science.

If we as a culture are looking for real, valid, scientific information about our world, we can't be hitting people over the head just for being curious about the possibility that there actually is an Unseen Hand in the grand scheme of things.

tags: the scientific method, creationism, flat earth, distinction, definition, God, divine order, mycelium, faith, purpose, theory of multiple intelligences