Wednesday, March 14, 2007


hello everyone, I hope you are all very genki

there was a very nice meeting @ The Nook today, this is in studio 124 at the Jacksonville Center. we had delicious bread and lentil stew and talked about various sorts of things, it was really quite wonderful.

here are some Jacksonville Center get-together dates coming up soon...

March 23 - Evening reception @ studio row; open house @ the Traces Library installation in the Little House: Straw Bale House tours & info session with Leon D; live music by Billy Miller, etc.

April 14 - Reception in the Community Room for the Annual Instructor's Exhibit in the Hayloft; open house @ the Traces Library installation in the Little House, etc.

Leon D. is leading educational straw bale work sessions every Saturday and Sunday for the next month or so, please contact him via the Jacksonville Center for more info.

Also if you are a kind and generous person please consider making a donation of time and/or gardening supplies to the Jacksonville Center which will allow us to more easily cultivate sunflowers there.

I need to go now, have a beautiful day & thanks for reading. -Suzy