Monday, November 27, 2006

misc. thank you's

hi everyone
hope you are well
the show is up at Cafe del Sol, which is a huge relief
thanks Frank & Sally!!


Speaking of nice to artists here is someone worth a mention for sure: Ian & Lucinda.
Not only were they ultra nice to us when we visited Charlottesville, they are fierce champions in general for the rights of the Geijutsuka People.

Ian uses lots of swear words and graphic descriptors when he talks about the status quo in the music industry, much to my amusement and delight.

Ian Day and Lucinda Ewell are a husband & wife team who are helping to make an incredibly compelling, incredibly American collection of music come alive as the executive producers of the American Dumpster band.

They made sure that we got fed and well rested when Billy played at Fellini's the other day, which was very much appreciated. Thanks Ian & Lucinda! and a huge thank you to everyone who made last Friday such a perfect evening.

Billy is going to be a guest performer with American Dumpster in Roanoke on December 2, this will be at the Coffee Pot. I think this will be very fun, I can't wait.

Guess what there is a great new paper out now called Pan Appalachian Defender.
I found it next to the Homebody store in downtown Blacksburg and will be typing in some excerpts as time permits

Here is one bit of news: A space called Mountain Links has just opened in Appalachia, Virginia (this is in Wise County). I wish I could remember more details but I will type them in soon...

Get the paper as soon as you can (or become a supporting advertiser) if you are a mountaintop removal hater like is very, very, very good to see a paper like this and I wish everyone involved all the best and a very sincere thank you...

I need to go now but I hope you have a wonderful day. Thanks very much for reading and thank you for supporting independent art and music.

-Suzy Nees


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