Monday, November 13, 2006

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I did not find out yet how to get in touch with Google, Inc. CEO Dr. Eric Schmidt but I am working on it. Dr. Schmidt, one of the 200 richest people in the United States, has just donated $2 million to Virginia Tech.

This really frosted me at first because Virginia Tech wastes money on plastic Hokie Birds and so forth WHEREAS elementary school children at Marsh Fork cannot even drink water out of the taps sometimes because it has become so nasty AND a stack of rocks and about 400 yards is the only thing between these kids and a veritable ocean of toxic sludge. And $2 million is, as I remember, exactly the figure quoted for a brand new school at Marsh Fork.

After thinking about it a while I decide to stop being frosted and start figuring out how to ask Dr. Schmidt to write another check for $2 million.

Since there is no guarantee that any such missive would actually reach a real human if I use the traditional or electronic mail system, my intention is to create an online tool kit for persons who wish to respectfully ping the Google system to help it gain a fuller understanding of the gravity of the situation at Marsh Fork.

If you can think of a reason or two why the Marsh Fork New School project is a great way to spend $2 million, please stay tuned to the news loop. Your help is needed in making this message stick.

Thank you in advance for your stewardship. Have a beautiful day.



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