Sunday, November 12, 2006

Google CEO will give $2 million to Virginia Tech

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I read something puzzling in the Roanoke Times the other day
first of all, I had no idea about this but Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google, grew up in Blacksburg, Virginia.

I never, ever would have guessed this.

now here is the puzzling and interesting part. Eric Schmidt is just about to give, or has already given, Virginia Tech a check for $2 million. this is earmarked for the engineering school I think.

$2 million, as I remember, is just the amount of money needed to build a new school for the kids at Marsh Fork elementary.

I know a lot of MTR folks are also readers so if you are interested in sending a WTF? type query to Eric Schmidt I am going to be creating some ping forms which will be customized for this purpose.

below is a crude but functional example of this.

bye, have a great day. thanks for reading.


Dear Eric Schmidt of Google, Inc.

Virginia Tech has LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of money already.
Please, please, please help us get a new school for the kids at Marsh Fork Elementary.

Thank you in advance for your compassionate consideration.

Sincerely, 'Nantoka' from the Unknown Realm

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