Friday, November 24, 2006

a clip from the Roanoke Times

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via the Sludge Safety Project

this clip refers to a recent trip to Kayford Mountain, home of Larry Gibson & kin...


About 60 students visited Gibson the weekend after Cooper and Blevins visited Radford. A third of those students came from Radford University.

Julia Hasty, a member of the school’s Green Team, was among them.

"This weekend woke me up," she wrote in an e-mail the day after returning. "It was definitely an emotional experience. On Saturday night we all gathered around a fire and talked about what all we had seen and felt. … It was really sad when we left. It was sad to me that I was going back to a coal-dependant university that was paid for by the blood and children of the people that I had met and befriended in the Appalachian mountains in West Virginia.

"I swear I’ll make a change. I just need help."



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