Saturday, September 02, 2006

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hi everyone
it sure was a pretty day here today
I love the light this time of year and the sky was so perfectly blue

I did a bit today to get ready for firewood time but I am very behind on gathering pokeberries, they have been ready for a while. I need to get to that soon but I just had too much desk work to catch up on

a web page fairy's work is never done...

speaking of which man am I ever sorry I was too busy to go see the Snake Hollow band at the country store last night. there was a giant camera there. I do not know whether Snake Hollow got their picture made but the pictures I saw on the Internet looked very interesting.

anyway Snake Hollow String Band will be playing there at 9:30 on the first Friday of every month.

by the way all you pet welfare advocates don't forget there are a few pet welfare events coming up soon, one is at Cross Creek in Floyd next weekend

I need to dig up those pet welfare page finders again and plug those in...

Cleo is giving me a big headache, she has been a pain as of late because I am keeping her indoors. apparently she didn't learn her lesson too well with the tire-bitin' thing cause she is still chasing cars.

I guess from her perspective she is maybe wondering why the stupid old car didn't learn its lesson...

well I guess I will go now and set up those page finders. have a great evening