Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Where did the Kanemochi Hokie go?

Hi everyone
hope you are well

so I am told that the Billy Jonas show this weekend at the Sun Music Hall with be extremely good - there will be a family show at 2 pm and an evening performance at 8 pm on Saturday.
for more information please visit

Chris and Bernie will be playing at Tuggle's Gap that day too so if you are in the area try to stop by...

So I went out today looking for the Kanemochi* Hokie to go take his picture but he seems to have disappeared!!!

I am so sad he is gone, he was TOO perfect. (This was the one that was dressed in a pinstripe suit holding a bunch of money.) I have been asking around town to find out where he may have gone but no leads so far.


anyway I hope you are having a very nice day, please take care. If you happen to see the Kanemochi Hokie make sure you get his picture!



*kanemochi = rich guy