Saturday, March 18, 2006

an email which might interest stone sculptors

hi everyone,
below is an email I just got from Dan Robbins up in New Jersey...
have a great day. -Suzy


I wanted to let you know of a summer internship for a non-graduating college student at The Digital Stone Project in Mercerville, NJ.  This is near Trenton, NJ.  The internship would go from about 6/12 through the end of August, perhaps into early September. 

If the student couldn't go all the way through August due to school, that shouldn't be a problem.  At The Digital Stone Project, sculptures are carved be machines and finishing is done by sculptors.  The student might do tasks such as sanding, filing, polishing, moving stone with overhead cranes, transporting bags of mud form the stone carving machines with a forklift, picking up around the facility, and odds and ends. 

Learning how to operate this forklift can be done quickly.  Summer's are busy at this facility and the intern may have a chance to meet artists passing through or working there.  In addition, the large outdoor sculpture park, Gounds for Sculpture, is just across street and down the road a little from the facility.  The facility's website is    

The student should have stone carving experience, of course.   The intern would likely make about $12/hr, and would likely get free scraps of stone- sometimes quite nice ones!  They might get to use the hand, electric and air powered tools there, as well.  A room may be for rent for $380/ month about 50 minutes south of the facility. 

Thanks for your time, and if you don't know of a student, feel free to pass this information on. 


Dan Robbins


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