Thursday, March 09, 2006

happy spring

hi everyone, happy spring. hope you are all doing well.
things here are fine but I have been extra busy lately

at least, I thought I was busy but then I read about what Doug has been dealing with in the past few goodness. now that's busy. and what a stupid kind of busy. stupid stupid stupid.

can't those privacy-hatin' mofos think of some more interesting way to waste the time and energy of nice people like Doug?

man. what a joke. good luck with the clown show Doug.

so I never did find out what happened to that agricultural land in South Central LA, hope it turned out okay & I wish all those folks well, whatever the outcome

here in Blacksburg the crocuses are already up and the daffodils are nearly so...pretty soon the redbud will be out...I don't know of any place to find ramps but I do hope to find some at the market this spring

let me see, what else.

invited artists at traces this spring include Phanie Gapinski (digital pictures), Melody Wolfe Thomas (ceramics) and Billy Miller (music & bamboo flutes) so please come see their work in Floyd if you get the chance

in music news Snake Hollow String Band will be playing at the Country Store on Good Friday, as I understand it, and Bernie will be playing at Over the Moon tomorrow (also Friday), Billy will be playing at Oddfellas on April 22, which is the same day we are planning our Earth Day Picnic at the Jacksonville Center...

oops I need to go now to get to a SLEC planning meeting, hope you all have a lovely day.

take care,