Monday, February 13, 2006

horse & mule driving workshop

hi folks
this is from an email today from Benji at Ap Voices...
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Horse and Mule Driving Workshop with Eustace Conway - Driving Horses the Old Tyme Way

April 1st and December 16th, Join us for an introduction to working horses from a moving vehicle and from the ground. Together we will experience logging, sled work, using a farm wagon, a two-wheel cart, a four-wheel buggy, and a mowing machine; and go over many fundamentals of training a horse from the ground for general farm use and horse power. This workshop will be held at the renowned horse drawn farm Turtle Island Preserve. Our large collection of antique horse drawn vehicles is an inspiration in and of itself.

This workshop is available to anyone 16 years or older. arrival time 9AM; departure time 4:30PM. Located at Turtle Island Preserve, near Boone, NC. Cost is $95 (make checks payable to Eustace Conway). Bring your own lunch or for $10 a fine home cooked meal is available; everything else is provided. To register and reserve your space mail a deposit ($50), or the full tuition, in check form to the following address:

Attn. Horse Driving Workshop
Turtle Island Preserve
1443 Lonnie Carlton Rd
Triplett, NC 28618