Saturday, February 11, 2006

a report on the snake hollow show


hi everyone
hope you are doing well
here is a scene from last night at the Country Store in Floyd where my friend the ultra-talented Ms. Mary Predny played fiddle and sang along with the rest of the Snake Hollow String Band

Snake Hollow rules! the show was 100% awesome.
Congratulations Mary on this important career milestone and a spectacular performance
sorry I could not get a better picture...

after Snake Hollow played we walked over to Cafe Sol and there was more music over there
that music was also great

then I got to hear more music at an after party, and listened to a lot of instruments with names that are difficult to remember along with some banjo music from Mary, that was a huge treat.

today we are having a snowstorm and lots of people are snowed in so hello to them all, stay warm & happy

bye, have a great day