Saturday, March 15, 2008

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hi everyone
it is a beautiful day here, hope you are hanging in there.

I am trying to contain my disgust with the local headlines these days. For example, I feel that "Morva gets death" is a misleading, and sensationalist, headline.

this is an inaccurate and lurid way to let the public know that a Montgomery County, Virginia governing body just handed down, with the help of nine citizens, an execution order to punish Will Morva for his crimes.

this is a very, very different thing than "getting" death. for example, now that this judgment has been handed down, an automatic appeal process has begun.

people really need to be more considerate of the people that care about Will Morva's future, like his momma, and his editors, and his wranglers and so forth. putting your name on a headline like the one I just mentioned is a good way to never find out what it's like to enjoy Thanksgiving 2.0 in the Traces library on Will Morva's dime.

bye, thanks for reading, have a beautiful day. -Suzy