Friday, March 14, 2008

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hi everyone
hope you all are doing well

things here are OK, I assume; I do not know of any landslides, floods, avalanches, or executions in progress, although I am extremely concerned about the possibility that W. Morva might be executed as a result of his actions during his attempt to escape custody and reach the forests of Katuah. this, as I understand it, was his goal on the day he entered the Montgomery County, Virginia hospital for treatment.

words cannot express how much sorrow I feel about all the lives that have been lost recently in the shadow of Brush sama. but so-called "capital punishment" (I consider this phrase to be a euphemism for execution) in the case of W. Morva will do nothing to bring back these souls to the realm of the living. so to me, headlines that speculate about whether or not Will is going to get the "death penalty" strike me as a sickening wake-up call as to our culture's general numbness to murder.

killing prisoners to punish them greatly is a terrible idea. and giving any representative of the Imprisonment Industry the idea that you think it is OK merely increases the state's ability to extend its influence and frighten the public. so why encourage, or permit it at all?

just a few thoughts for this 03-14. hope you are having a beautiful day. -Suzy

ps. the Black Twig Pickers are playing for St. Patrick's day at the Cellar.