Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Lending Industry = Satan

hi everyone

hope you are having a nice day today, and The Lending Industry is not trifling with your quality of life as if you were some sort of puppet made of newspaper and paste.

if this is happening to you tell the Lending Industry they need to GET REAL! because YOU are real: a real, live human being person with thoughts and feelings and real estate and food security needs, just like the human beings referred to in Isaiah 3:15.

some of you may be going through some very hard times right now as a result of predatory lending practices. and I hope you will trust me when I say that The Lending Industry is going to abuse you for as long as you let them. so don't just sit there, play possum! angry freak-possum first; then, if need be, a jolly far-from-dead hobo possum with pockets turned out.

playing Zombie Possum from Hell may be the way to go if these two possum personas do not provide adequate proof to Lending Industry representatives that usury and Hell go together like peanut butter and jelly.

the Dead Possum thing, ever the classic with folks who are being abused by the Lending Industry, is not that advisable in my opinion since it provides too much temptation for good people to hole up and be depressed and think about killing themselves for real.

you were not created to serve as asphalt on the infrastructure that greed built. nor was any other living thing. remember that any time you might be feeling desperate and alone.

and remember that the Shouseki inheritance has been designed to find and support YOU, at the expense of kleptocracy initiatives, in direct proportion to your ability and willingness to make sport of The Man. so if you have some skill in this area, do not be shy about sharing it. who knows? you might wind up with your very own star in the Shouseki Library.

bye, namaste, thanks for reading.