Friday, November 30, 2007

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here is some information on Little Deer, From James Mooney's Myths of the Cherokee

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"The powerful chief of the deer tribe is the A'wi' Usdi', or "Little Deer", who is invisible to all except the greatest masters of the hunting secrets, and can be wounded only by the hunter who has supplemented years of occult study with frequent fasts and lonely vigils. The Little Deer keeps constant protecting watch over his subjects, and sees well to it that not one is ever killed in wantonness. When a deer is shot by the hunter the Little Deer knows it at once and is instantly at the spot. Bending low his head he asks of the blood stains upon the ground if they have heard - i.e. if the hunter has asked pardon for the life that he has taken. If the formulistic prayer has been made, all is well, because the necessary sacrifice has been atoned for; but if otherwise, the Little Deer tracks the hunter to his house by the blood spots along the trail, and, unseen and unsuspected, puts into his body the spirit or rheumatism that shall rack him with aches and pains from that time henceforth. As seen at rare intervals - perhaps once in a long lifetime - the Little Deer is pure white and about the size of a small dog, has branching antlers, and is always in company with a large herd of deer."