Sunday, November 25, 2007

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hi everyone
hope you are doing well
here is a fun giant leech tale from the James Mooney book, Myths of the Cherokee

hope you enjoy it.

bye, thanks for reading, have a beautiful day.


Harry Smith, a halfbreed born about 1815, father of the late chief of the East Cherokee, informed the author that when a boy he had been told by an old woman a tradition of a race of very small people, perfectly white, who once came and lived for some time on the site of an ancient mound on the northern side of Hiwassee, at the mouth of Peachtree creek, a few miles above the present Murphy, and warned the Cherokee that they must not attempt to cross over to the south side of the river or the great leech in the water would swallow them. They finally went west, “long before the whites came.”

p. 23 in the Dover Books paperback