Saturday, December 01, 2007

Fight of flight? the big choice in escaping cultural desertification

hi everyone
hope you are doing well and having a lovely Saturday

things here are fine, the Trail of No Tears is fully operational, except for the ikigai generator and the karaoke gizmo, but I am working on this.

a five-day supply Trail of No Tears jokes is being added soon to the Trail as a special remedy for those who could use a good pee-in-your-pants laugh at the expense of The Man. I know that these are hard times for many, and if you are needing these Trail options pretty badly I hope you can hang in there until can get these elements fixed.

in the meantime I thought I would write a little bit today about cultural desertification, in the hopes that it might help someone out there make a wise choice in escaping it, so they don't have to depend on computers, or anything else, to keep them from crying, and that the failure to cry will just come naturally.

without going into too much detail, the part of beautiful Katuah where I dwell is close to a place where the cultural desertification gremlins are much too close and ubiquitious for comfort. Barring a last-minute intervention from the Nunnehi, fighting the gremlins in certain areas of this place would probably take too much energy, ikigai, and sanity for me to properly enjoy the fruits of my labor.

plus, my Roma and hobo ancestry, along with my stuff-less-ness, have provided me with a wealth of skills with which to evade these gremlins. so, flight seemed the obvious answer to me when I realized the scope of the cultural desertification happening in this part of North America... but then I started thinking, what I have the choice to flee and fight?

and then I started thinking, what about those Nunnehi odds? then I started wondering if a two-pronged approach to this cultural desertification thing could not be managed.

anyway just a few thoughts for this wintry Saturday. hope they are of some use to you. and I hope you will have a beautiful, non-culturally-desertified weekend.

namaste, Suzy