Wednesday, April 04, 2007

spring has sprung/the grass has riz/I wonder where the benthic invertebrates is?

hi readers
hope you are doing well

here is the news about real estate school: it is really freaking hard and not exactly an ikigai-rich experience. but I am learning about important things like air rights, subsurface rights, and the difference between riparian rights and right of prior appropriation. These last two terms are very important for folks who expect pathogen-free water from their well, spring, or tap. Or for anyone who wishes to express dissent with the notion that there is not a scarcity of water in the state of Virginia.

if you are here to stretch your brain and/or your ikigai, here is a real estate riddle for you.


Muka-a-a-a-ashi, mukashi, Henrietta K. inherits her family's farm in County X, Virginia. Some time later Henrietta begins to notice a bad and constant lunchmeat smell which permeates both her home and her lands. Henrietta is certain that the odor is not originating from her property, so she goes to the county office to see if any record exists which prove that air rights on her land had been sold at some point in the past. Henrietta finds nothing on any deed to indicate such a thing.

Which county is X?


the rising tide roadshow happens tomorrow at the Blackwater Cafe in Floyd. I am going to type in some more info about this momentarily if I can. for now here is the basic info:

Rising Tide Roadshow
6 to 9 pm
Blackwater Cafe (downtown Floyd)
Kids welcome

I learned some stuff about benthic invertebrates over the weekend. I learned that baby caddis flies and other water bugs in the nymph stage can indicate a stream in good health. stone flies were another bug mentioned as a species which cannot thrive in icky water.

speaking of which I was hanging out in the sluck a few days ago when I picked up a whole bunch of litter along the edge of the impoundment project, where it gets vomited up when the power company raises the water level each spring.

did you know...last year's website for Smith Mountain Lake cleanup day gave the A-E-P the top medal for participation in lake remediation efforts. for cleaning up its own power station project!

this just proves that I should own a therapy pony. modern existence keeps becoming more and more like a bad acid trip and I think that a mini-horse is the only thing that is going to be effective in keeping all my ikigai from leaking out. who knows? it may all leak out by the end of the day today because the Moseley Dickinson Academy of Real Estate, though highly accredited and all that, has very very very bad Feng Shui.

oh great news - John Altizer has generously volunteered to give a demonstration of Chinese movement arts at the Jacksonville Center in Floyd on April 14. I will be posting more information about April 14 events as time permits but there are lots of things happening at the Jacksonville Center that day, so please stay tuned.

well I need to go now, have a beautiful day. -Suzy