Friday, March 30, 2007

Hyogo Prefecture gives 200K to help Nola kids enjoy art

excerpt from an article by AP reporter Stacey Plaisance. via Yahoo headlines.


"After discussions with museum officials a year ago about New Orleans' needs following Katrina, the Prefecture of Hyogo agreed to help fund an art project dedicated to nurturing the creative and emotional well-being of New Orleans children.

"We believe that with its unique projects dedicated to the children, NOMA will play a special role in the recovery process of this region," Sakato said.

During a ceremony Wednesday, Japanese performers beat on drums, tooted horns and sang to children and others gathered at the museum. The group's performance, which included such Japanese instruments as a three-stringed guitar known as a samisen, was to bring the city luck, health, wealth and strength.

The group, called U-Stage, will perform at various schools and venues around the city through Friday. "