Monday, March 19, 2007

my 2 cents about tobacco cultivation

hi readers,

if you follow the "agricultural subsidies" link now showing in the note loop you will find information on US agricultural subsidies in 2004 for tobacco farming.

my response when I read the figure was to exclaim, what a crock!!!

I can hardly think of a more ikigai-unfriendly thing to grow in the Earth, and I can also hardly think of a stupider way to spend public money. cigarettes nearly ruined my life before I found the courage to quit. and I am just a little fly-speck in the bigger landscape of tobacco-related addiction and misery.

even more aggravating to me is the fact that my home state, Virginia, is probably where a lot of the money was used, making myself and other Virginians unwilling co-conspirators in the ikigai-unfriendly chain of global tobacco addiction.

if you, like me, think this whole deal stinks to high heaven, please consider using some of your available resources to get the wheel of so-called progress straightened out a bit in relation to tobacco cultivation.

Yoroshiku onegaitashimasu, thank you very much in advance for your stewardship and as always, thanks for reading. -Suzy