Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Getting richer through off-grid living

hi everyone, hope you are doing really well today and enjoying the weather
check it out, I am helping out on a cool new project called Getting Richer Through Off-Grid Living

this fun and informative guide will make it easier for ikigai shoppers to obtain what they want in abundance while building real wealth for themselves and the world.

if you would like to help collaborate in this project please stay tuned to any reading station, unless directed otherwise.

there is some new information posted today about an upcoming mountaintop removal roadshow at Union College, please head toward the Southernmost Page to view it.

also new in the loop is some info on free educational opportunities at the Jacksonville Center in Floyd. Aspiring homesteaders and homeowners should take special note of the Straw Bale Building project, which seeks to help folks educate themselves in the use of alternative, low-cost building materials.

the first ever Sessions from the Silo are not yet on CD but I have heard them and they are INCREDIBLY GREAT. really, I was blown away. these recordings feature Chris Luster on dobro, Chris Chesson on hammered dulcimer, Billy Miller on frame drum, flute, etc., Sarah McCarthy on cajon, Leon Davis on violin & much more.

If you are anxious to hear some of this music please call the studio phone at 540-763-2665. A benefit CD is being created from these recordings to help the Jacksonville Center keep its doors open, so if you are already an interested customer please be sure to put yourself on our radar so you can be contacted as soon as the new CD is ready.

Local musicians are strongly encouraged to stay tuned to the news to learn about upcoming recording sessions in the silo. If your name is Bob Browder or John Altizer please be in touch ASAP because it is crappy that we ran out of time to record before you had to leave.

I need to go now but I hope you are doing well and feeling richer already! Please enjoy your day and as always, thanks for reading.

Namaste, Suzy