Saturday, January 13, 2007

"It's a jungle out there" - Yeah, right! Wouldn't that be nice.

Hi all

Hope you are well

And I hope you are filled with the spirit of ikigai etc., even if you are one of those theoretical out-of-work people in the New River Valley. Or one of those people who are praying for a way to get free of the nightmare from which their current paycheck originates.

If this is the case for you, please do not be discouraged! The NRV job market is not your fault. At the moment I have no better advice for you but I do have three other resources to share which you which may be of help. One is the story of James the lost parakeet, who wishes very much that it really was a jungle out there, because jungles are nice, and contain life, and places to nest, and jungles provide food and sustenance and ikigai, whereas "out there" is more like the surface of the moon, minus the sense of tranquility and quiet.

The second resource I have to share is, which is nothing much right now but a few photos and some Hank Williams lyrics but in my mind it exists to provide a means for people to report missing and stolen ikigai.

The third resource is a bit of knowledge which just might save you, or someone you love, or someone you don't know, from literal starvation and/or debilitating illness.

I am going to go prepare these resources now and hope in the interim that you will be well. Try not to worry too much. Remember that Our Friends the Mycelium People will happily reclaim you and welcome you home with open hyphae soon enough, and they won't even ask you for a resume or a cup of your urine. And you won't have to buy a horrible ill-fitting suit at the mall to go meet them, either.

They will just say, oh, hello, friend! Thank you for being here! We missed you so much! You are just in time for supper!

- --...-- -

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