Friday, January 12, 2007 job posting page - can it get any worse?

Hi folks

Please be patient - You may be in for a bit of a rant here, and I will try to be as kind as I can since I really like the Roanoke Times print version because they are one of the first newspapers I remember who had the guts to talk about mountaintop removal. And yet. I absolutely must speak up about the horribleness of the job posting page on

I might not be so critical about it if the target audience was a different demographic. As it is, though, people are there looking for a job in Southwest Virginia, which is a brutal thing by itself, so, the way I see it, don't demoralize them any more than you need to.

Here is what the job posting page says to me:

Hi Friend!!!! You like noise, right? Good thing you are here to experience noise. Check out our beating heart video, isn't it cool! We think so. We hope you noticed the automatic audio, too! Isn't the future cool? WOW WE ARE SLICK! Wait! Wait! we have more noise and gimmicks. ..lots more...what did you say you were here for?

Then the page crashes.

I am not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing that the job postings are more or less completely inaccessible to me. I am inclined to think that it is a good thing right now since it will be too frustrating to conclude otherwise.

Here is my advice: If you are a job advertiser, or a potential job advertiser on, you may want to think twice about what your money is going toward. Finding skilled and talented folks in this area will be easier if you post your job listings in a somewhat more readable format instead of embedding them in an ugly clown show. (No offense to professional clowns.)

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