Thursday, January 11, 2007

Get you one: Free premium data trucks

Dear reader,

If you are back here today to investigate news of a free virtual truck giveaway, tadaima!
If you have not yet heard about the free virtual truck giveaway, this is your lucky day!

Not only are these premium trucks efficient and sturdy, they are good-looking and ergonomic, besides! We have a nice little team of digital Feng Shui QC fiends to prove and certify it.

Each of these vehicles is equipped with some of the stickiest tires you will see in the world of information management. Your little information wagon is designed to run smoothly, and pleasantly, presenting no danger to innocent creatures of any sort, providing you with a safe and sane way to get from A to B on the Internet.

Enable the "Crunch" drive on this multi-use vehicle, and your powerful crunching will be audible for millions of data-miles.

Want to learn more? Stay tuned to this page for further announcements.


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