Thursday, March 30, 2006


hi everyone

hope you are all well
I did not hear yet how the Kayford Mountain weekend went, hope it was a big success
things here are fine, the coltsfoot is still blooming and there has been a little rain

A warm hello to folks in Monterrey, Mexico

Well I am starting to think that Cleo is part tasmanian devil. I don't know what else could explain her little stunt the other day with the dog kennel.

Everybody had been telling me, put that dog in a kennel so she won't tear down your curtains and freak out when you are gone, so I went out and bought a Petmate kennel, the wire kind.

I put Cleo in it the other day and went out for just about an hour. When I got home she had MANGLED that cage, tipped it over on its side, and wriggled out of little gap in the floor of the cage that was so small I just about fainted when I saw it.

She had nibbled a whole bunch of enamel off the bars, too. It looked like a wild baboon had been in there.

Needless to say we will not be investing any more of our household money in Petmate Kennels.

Well I need to go work in the garden now, goodbye and thanks so much for reading.