Wednesday, September 14, 2005

goats on a mountaintop

Photo by Mack Whatley.

from boingboing sept 19- Free Culture UK congress, Oct 1 Tom sez, Free Culture UK will hold their first national membership meeting at the World Summit on Free Information Infrastructures, Limehouse Town Hall, London, at 5.30pm Saturday 1st October. The meeting will cover the innovative Public Domain Burn campaign, the 14+14 copyright term reduction campaign and how to spread Creative Commons in the UK. The event is open to all and will help decide the direction of the next year's campaigning. Free Culture UK is a grassroots movement that supports an open, participatory culture. It was founded this summer with two aims: 1. to promote and empower creativity through social, legal and political means; and 2. to oppose those who would restrict our creative freedom. Local groups are already running successful projects such as Remix Reading, Remix Brighton, Loca Records, CNUK and Liquid Culture. Rufus Pollock, a member of Free Culture UK, said "with six local groups [Birmingham, Brighton, Deptford, Exeter, Leeds and Reading] already running, this is a network ready to make a real difference. Congress will give anyone interested in culture and creativity a chance to decide what our grassroots movement campaigns on over the next year, including how we promote Creative Commons and the Public Domain, and what sort of copyright system we lobby for." Anyone planning to attend should add their name to the wiki page. tags: design, sustainable systems, wiki, read, write, grassroots, predation, appropriation, culture as resource