Tuesday, September 13, 2005

if you don't want another Cold War...say so!

Hi folks,

Below is a link to a Washington Post article published on Sunday. It describes a revised strategy by the Pentagon which will allow for the possibility of preemptive nuclear strikes against banned weapons.

Pentagon Revises Nuclear Strike Plan

I don't know about you, but I don't think I could stand another Cold War. The first one made me a nervous wreck. I spend my whole childhood convinced I was going to die before I became an adult.

Do we really need to put today's kids through that? Not to mention The Unmentionable.

If you think that the Pentagon is cooking up a terrible idea here, now is the time to SAY SO. And don't just vent to the blogosphere with doom and gloom "nice knowin' ya, world!" type posts. We owe the world more than that.

Even though it may seem to be the most sensible thing to do right now, PLEASE do not go hide under your bed with a bottle of whiskey. PLEASE make it your working assumption that humans are perfectly capable of creating lasting peace on Earth, and make that your starting point for the day.

If you have a blog, why not use it to publish open letters to your elected representatives telling them how you feel about this issue? Or send your elected representatives an e-mail or a letter. Or write a letter to the editor of your local paper, or write to a branch of the mainstream media. Find a petition to sign. Find some way to go on record with your opinions on this matter.

Tell whoever will listen that humans are destined for greater things than cannon fodder.

Don't just depress your friends and co-workers by telling them the world is about to end, and doesn't that suck. The world is not about to end. The world and its people are tough. We are even tougher than war, believe it or not.

Here is what I think: We are really NOT THAT FAR AWAY from peace. People are basically good and they have an inherent desire for social harmony. All the heartwarming stories we see and read in the aftermath of terrible disasters are the rule, not the exception in human nature.

Slimy politicians and other criminals have a great talent for dividing us and turning us against one another over trivial issues so they can steal from us while we are arguing. It's time for us to call BS on them once and for all.

with warm wishes for a beautiful day,

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