Tuesday, September 13, 2005

dibs on the stuffed leopard and other important news

hi folks,

I just read an article in today's Washington Post by EJ Dionne called End of the Bush Era. those who are following the 'impeach Bush' meme in Technorati will no doubt find it an interesting read...

I also found an article today in the Christian Science Monitor called An Activist for Moderation that I like VERY much. It calls on Americans to strive for consensus & moderation in the interest of healing our nation.
I could not agree more with author Carla Seaquist's assertion that political and social extremism "combine in a toxic mix imperiling our security, making us spiritually ill, and gaining us the contempt of the world. Has moderation ever looked so good?"

what else... I read some FREAKY stuff in boingboing today...The Guardian says that the skins of executed prisoners in China are being harvested for use in cosmetics...sorry if that completely freaks you out...if it is any consolation this COMPLETELY freaks me out...

ok that's it for the freaky stuff. next item is a bit of art news. Joe Kelley will be teaching plein-air (open-air landscape) drawing at the Jacksonville Center in October...news on that can be found on the loop under "scratch house news".

Also in the loop I have some pictures up of a friend's farm-shop. It is such a pleasant little shop and I had such a nice visit there today. I forgot to bring my money when I visited but I call dibs on the stuffed leopard with the handmade necklace. And the antler.

ok well I gotta go, thanks for reading.


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