Tuesday, February 12, 2008

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hi everyone
hope you are doing well

the Coffee Access fairies have been consistently good to me as of late, as have their kinfolk the KILI Radio Access fairies.

Feb. 25 will mark the date of a walk and a ride to celebrate the station's birthday.

here is a page which contains info on something happening in Floyd on 02-29-08. I hope you will be a part of it!

so, I have been sharing a bit of fairy lore recently, and thought I would give you a couple of book suggestions that would help you build on your current fairy lore knowledge base.

the first is by Jeremiah Curtin and it is called Tales of the Fairies and of the Ghost World.

the second is Myths of the Cherokee by James Mooney, a book which some rogue Shouseki digitizer unsuccessfully tried to swipe from the Deer Haven studios late last year. as far as I know the librarian got less than a slap on the wrist for this crime but non-Shouseki digitizing entities should be advised that the same rules do not apply to those persons who consider themselves to be above the law when it comes to helping themselves to digital fac-similes of a Shouseki person's personal data.

anyway the book is there still, as far as I know, and contains EXTREMELY fascinating tales of giant leeches, semi-visible warriors that live inside mountains, dancing panthers that talk and much, much more...including stories about a tiny race of people that lived inside the realm known as KatĂșah before the Cherokee arrived.

apparently the tiny white folks were forced out of their homes in the mountains by the Cherokee, who thought they were weird. before they left, they warned the Cherokee not to cross a certain river because they would be killed by a giant leech.

were these tiny people in fact fairies who were trying to keep the hapless Cherokee from contact with what would later become the District of Columbia? can the depigmented pre-KatĂșah people and the Cherokee work out their past differences so that peace and harmony can be attained in this realm? can they work together so that no Shouseki people, or anyone, for that matter, will wind up as mere leech food?

inquiring minds want to know. and they sure would like to get a hold of that book again.

I need to go now, take care & thanks for reading. -Suzy