Monday, January 14, 2008

16 blocks party info

hi folks,
here is some info on the 16 Blocks party happening at She Sha later this week.
bye, have a great day. -Suzy


16 Blocks Issue #4 party

Issue #4 is coming out Friday, Jan 18!!!

A release show will take place at She-Sha 7:00 on that day, and will feature a diverse array of art, music, poetry, and much more.

The Spiral Joy Band will perform, and artists Pris Sears, Suzy Nees, Knic Umstead, Dave Franusich, Christina O'Conner, and special guest Tristan Cloyd will be exhibiting their works.

Writers/Poets Flash Clark, Asha Mills, Eddrick Douglass, and others will be reading their poetry.

About 16 Blocks

16 Blocks is for the dishwashers, the clerks, the baristas, the cooks, the drivers, the staff, the waitresses, the bouncers, the managers, the bartenders, the cashiers, the landscapers, and the out-of-work loungers. 16 Blocks is in the scene.

16 Blocks is for the undecided undergraduates, the four and outers, the lingering graduate students, the serious researchers, the theses and dissertation writers, the young professors and TAs, the community college commuters. 16 blocks is young Blacksburg.

16 Blocks is for the locals, the weekend visitors, the transplants, the young professionals, those waiting for a gig and the “been here to0 longers.”

From Heather Drive to the top of Harding. From Ellet Road to Mount Tabor, 16 Blocks is for you.