Wednesday, January 02, 2008

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hi everyone

hope you had an absolutely wonderful 01-01-08 yesterday, it was a truly amazing one in Ayuwa'si.

below is a notice from the Lakotah regarding the title disputes they have been bringing forth recently. folks who have found their homesteads to be within disputed areas are offered specific language in the notice below as to the Lakotah's reluctance to make this title dispute issue into a problem which will slump onto the shoulders of the residents of the United States.

might I make a real property management suggestion here? there are lots and lots of ways clever Lakotah non-haters can creatively re-value the worth of their homestead by using this issue as a way of really looking at whether or not "owning" the land is a good deal at all in the first place.

the holes that have been left in most United States residents' understanding of the gravity of these and other treaty violations as a result of federally funded public schooling make it difficult for many people to see (at least right now) why it is so critical that North American residents start facing these treaty violation issues with a fresh approach.

the old approach was ignoring the outright slaughter, pure and simple, that went into the creation of what is now called the United States. because United States public schools do not deal with educating the public appropriately about these issues, the nasty diet we are left with as a culture is apartheid, bad ju-ju, and misery.

it behooves all katuahnet residents to understand that the realm they are living in has shared borders with some pretty darn barbaric people over the years; people that make the Lending Industry look like a walk in the park.

and when I say barbaric I do not mean, the manners you have when you dump two fistfuls of Cheez-Its on top of a bowl of farm-fresh rooster noodle soup.

why am I telling you all this? to cheer you up in case you are sad or panicked this 01-02-08. if you have done your water quality awareness homework you have nothing at all to panic about. I promise. The Ama'yine'hi swarmed Ayuwa'si yesterday to ensure its continued autonomy, and if you play your cards you might get to hang out with them at the Lair and trade ninja jokes etc. during the fair water trade summit this spring. (just make sure you do your homework each day!)

Happy 01-02-08!
Love, Suzy


Notice to All Foreign Governments and Private Owners
of Real Estate within the Republic of Lakotah
Download this PDF File

Republic of Lakotah

P.O. Box 99
Porcupine, SD 57772

JAN 1, 2008

Notice to All Foreign Governments and Private Owners of Real Estate within the Republic of Lakotah


The United States of America;

The States of: Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska;

The County and Municipal Governments Operating within the Republic of Lakotah; and All Private Owners of Real Estate within the Republic of Lakotah

Lakotah, through its government, have appointed representatives to withdraw from all the treaties with the United States of America.

Lakotah, through such representatives, have formally withdrawn from all agreements and treaties with the United States of America. The reinstitution of our freedom and independence is found in law.

Lakotah has reclaimed sovereignty as a nation and over its traditional lands.

Despite many years of repeated bad faith on the part of the United States government towards the Lakotah People, the Lakotah hold no animosity toward the American people, most of whom have had no part in the actions of their government. We wish to deal with the American people in good faith and in a win-win manner.

While we have the right to impose liens on all of the real estate in our country, we prefer to come to resolutions with you all with out resorting to such measures. Accordingly, at this time, we are only declaring liens on real estate held by governments foreign to the Republic of Lakotah, but not on real estate held by private parties.

The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States of America and the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties substantiate this freedom.

Lakotah welcomes the opportunity to meet and discuss this matter. We are in the process of scheduling meetings and will issue public invitations. Should you desire input with regard to scheduling these meetings, please contact us at the above.

Russell Means, Chief Facilitator
Provisional Government
Republic of Lakotah