Monday, October 15, 2007

happy 10-15

hi everyone

hope you are having a wonderful 10-15 and enjoying the weather

there is a book fair this weekend in Mont. Co. VA
several cool guest authors are scheduled to be there, I will post more info when I can.

also, have you learned yet about the 10-20-07 prayer convergence at Kayford Mountain? if not please navigate to the Northernmost page to find details.

if you lack the means & ability to get to Kayford Mountain for this event please consider spending this 10-20 at home or in a place of prayer and observing the Shouseki Mountain Grieving Rules while praying for Kayford Mountain, Big Mountain, and any other mountain you can think of. (a group which corresponds with the Big Mountain area) has specifically mentioned your prayers as a supply item on their wish list...

if you are looking for a copy of the Shouseki Mountain Grieving rules please follow the link below to kill a little time while I dredge up a copy of them and post them on the Northernmost page.

also, you can learn more about Shouseki mourning principles by navigating to and finding examples of websites which comply with the Shouseki grief theme.

bye, have a wonderful day & thanks for reading.