Tuesday, September 18, 2007

WV mine claims one

hi everyone
hope you are well

Please note that a miner lost his life in Logan County WV a couple of days ago
If you wish to learn more please visit ohvec.org

I am wiring up the Traces library pages so that they will be easy to search - here are a few starting points.


since the Traces library for creative literacy, also known as the Traces free library, is looking to become more grid-independent and less enmeshed with the icann, domain names previously held by the Traces library editing team have been allowed to lapse. Namely traces.ws. This name was purchased about a week ago and is being developed as an educational resource. I do not know much beyond this, since I am not involved with the current development of traces.ws.

in any case, folks who are looking to see content that is 100% representative of the wishes and goals of the Traces library editing team should navigate to ideapark.org > traces or mountainpride. net > traces or something like that.

although the new owners of traces.ws have populated the site with a great deal of material from the Traces Library for Creative Literacy, making the appearance rather similar, readers should be aware that:

a. navigating to traces.ws will no longer take you to a place of ad-free content.
b. if you do go to traces.ws, please understand that although you might be seeing some of my pictures and links to my writing, the ads are not my doing.

bye, thanks for reading, have a beautiful day.