Friday, September 14, 2007

adventure brew hostel help wanted posting

hi folks

below is something that might be of interest to a job seeker out there, from the Adventure Brew Hostel website...

also I wanted to pass along this info - on Nov. 9 the Mountaintop Removal Road Show will come to Roanoke. I will post more on this as time permits.

Bye, thanks for reading. -Suzy


Invitation to travelers, adventurers, and students of tourism from around the world ... come and enjoy the adventures and challenges of Bolivia, apply your experiences or studies in an exciting environment full of opportunity.

The Adventure Brew Hostel is pleased to be able to offer several modestly paid intern/volunteer positions to motivated individuals who can afford to pay their own airfares over here, are willing to get by on little-to-no-money (although we may be able to throw in accommodation and a couple of meals a day), and are excited by the idea of applying their skills in a completely different environment.

Our funky hostel/small hotel (35 beds) has its own microbrewery, its own bbq on the roof top terrace, a constant flow of backpackers, and a desperate need for several energetic, proactive, young, hip individuals to help whip it into shape and make sure the fun times keep rolling on (and that we can one day make a profit on this gig!).

Please contact us by email at to learn how little we can afford to pay you, how hard we will work you, how much you can learn out here, and what an awesome experience you'll have.


Alistair "el jefe" Matthew