Thursday, August 23, 2007

happy pokeweed season

hi everyone
hope you are doing well
happy pokeweed season!!!

Here is a bit of news...

The Alliens will play this weekend at the Maggies Farm Revue

On October 1 or thereabouts there will be a Traces reception at a farm in Floyd Co.

And in goat news, two lovely and talented Alpine ladies in the Pilot area are seeking a live-in situation which will provide them an alternative to the getting-put-in-the-freezer situation being proposed by certain annoyed garden keepers.

To learn more about this incredible goat ownership opportunity please contact your local Shouseki food security representative.

also, please note that The Traces online collection is being moved at the moment so please exercise patience and good judgement when attempting to view the library's online collection. The string is no longer owned by Shouseki (the Traces Library) so please act accordingly when following links etc. which appear to have been published by Traces.

And finally: Thanksgiving 2.0 will be happening soon, as scheduled. Shouseki family members are advised to keep in mind that it isn't too late to let organizers know what you plan to bring to the table, no matter how slack you may have been in your Reverse Trail of Tears participation as of late.

Enryo shi-nai, you! The Shouseki people love you and can't wait to see you and co-create happier times with you.

Bye, take care, namaste, thanks for reading. -Suzy