Tuesday, October 24, 2006

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hi everyone
hope you are well

it is snowing a bit here, that sure happened fast

here is a scene from the Floyd Fandango
many thanks to everyone who helped to make this such a bizarre and fun weekend

If you missed it, you missed a mini Ferris wheel, performing dogs, belly dancers, and lots more

There were fewer clowns than I originally expected, which is good.

(Some clown did schedule Carbon Culture for only one performance at 11 am on Saturday, but everyone makes mistakes.)

Junior Brown was incredibly great
Gyroscopic gave their usual mesmerizing performances while managing to avoid frostbite
the Wild Turkeys were fantastic as always

American Dumpster was an especially very fun surprise
I had not seen them ever play before.

shown above is a scene from one of their performances
Billy is playing as a guest in this photo; Christian Breeden is the one with the guitar

I hope you will make the American Dumpster band feel especially welcome when they come to play in Roanoke in November

some art & music news has just been posted on the Northern Most Page of the loop, this includes info on the Dumpster show & many other fine events

I need to go now, take care & thanks very much for reading
have a beautiful day.



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